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 HP RF Products
 Better choice for you
Soontai Tech Co., Ltd.
 We always provide the better choice for you.  
CATV Products
Trap Filter, Tier Trap Filter, High Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter,
Band Pass Filter,  Band Reject Filter,  Window Filter,
Double Band Pass Filter, Triple Band Pass Filter, ...etc.

Amplifier, Attenuator, Band Attenuator, Equalizer, Band Equalizer,
DC Block, Diplexer, Terminator, DVB-T Filter, Amplifier, ... etc.
DOCSIS Products

DOCSIS Diplexer
MoCA Products

MoCA Diplexer, MoCA CTP Splitter, 70dB MoCA POE Filter,
Impedance Converter, Attenuator, CTP Amplifier, ...etc.
MoCA Diplexer
Satellite-IF Products
In-line Satellite-IF Amplifier,  Satellite-IF/TV Diplexer,
Attenuator, Filter, DC Block,  Power Inserter, Terminator,

950MHz High Pass Filter, MoCA POE Filter
2.5GHz Diplexer,  2.6GHz DC Block, Terminator, ...etc.

Application: for high quality CATV, MMDS, Satellite reception system.
In-lie Amplifier, Diplexer
High Performance RF Products
Impedance Converter 6GHz Terminator N-F 3GHz Test Cable 50 Ohm 18GHz Test Cable
Imped. ConverterTerminator75 Ohm Cable50 Ohm Cable
75/50 Ohm Attenuator,   Terminator,  DC Block,  Power Divider,
3GHz Impedance Converter,   3GHz, 18GHz, 20GHz Test Cable,  
Standard Kit, Wide Band High Performance Accessory.  More...

Calibration Kit
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Trap / Notch Filter
Tier Trap Filter
High / Low Pass Filter
Mini High / Low Pass Filter
Band Pass / Reject Filter
Window Filter
Double Band Pass Filter
Triple Band Pass Filter


Mini Drop Amplifier