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Pursuing the best is everybody's hope, for a better future,

we always provide a superb choice for you.

Established in 1994, our company is situated in Southern Taiwan. We specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality / MoCA / HomePNA / HomePlug / DOCSIS / TV / DVB / CATV / SMATV / MMDS filters and accessories.

We offer a complete range of filters, such as Trap, Tier Trap, High Pass, Low Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject, Window, Double Band, Triple Band and mini size series Filters.

Other accessories include our newest solutions for Cable Internet, such as / MoCA / HomePNA / DOCSIS Diplexer, MoCA POE filter, LTE filter, high-quality Test Cable, Impedance Converter, Attenuator, Terminator, Band Attenuator, DC Block, Equalizers, Band Equalizer, Amplifiers,...etc.

Soontai, has become well-known for high quality 75 Ohm filter design and manufacturing. We have taken this extensive design experience to develop a line of 75 and 50 Ohm high performance RF products such as standard kit, cable assemblies, impedance converter,...etc.

We are dedicated to delivering the best product quality for our customers. Our continuous research and improvement efforts include RF simulation software (ADS), 40GHz network analyzer, CNC machines, PCB engraving equipment, etc.

Our QC efforts include 100% testing of each and every product after assembly to insure the highest possible quality standard. Most of our products have already passed CE standards for the European Market.

Continuous improvement of processes and consistent application of quality management systems continually assessed by auditors has resulted in ISO 9001 certifications.

In order to give you the most complete information possible, we have included not only pictures and specifications of all items in our product line on this website, but also the complete frequency response curves. We hope you will find this information helpful and it will enable you to get a better understanding of our products.

If you cannot find a specific product on this website, we would still like to hear from you.

We always provide the better choice for you.



  Company Profile  
  Established : MAR 13, 1995 (inaugurated in Feb. 1994)  
  Address : No.43, Huangong Rd., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City 710, Taiwan
  Tel: 886-6-2016969    Fax: 886-6-2013939
  Web Site :
  E-mail :
  Employees : Approx. 120
  Company Area : Approx. 3,636 m2
  Main Products : TV/CATV Filters, DOCSIS Diplexers, MoCA Triplexers, Standard Kits, Adapters, Connectors, Cable Assemblies
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