SOONTAI - Data Bank Technical Note
Basic Knowledge
 Frequency Introduction

  1GHz = 1000MHz
  1MHz = 1000KHz
  1KHz = 1000Hz

 IF (Intermediate Frequency)

 RF (Radio Frequency): 10KHz-3000GHz 

 VLF (Very Low Frequency): 50KHz-100KHz 

 LF (Low Frequency): 100KHz-535KHz 

 HF (High Frequency): 1.6MHz-30MHz 

 VHF (Very High Frequency): 30MHz-300MHz 

 UHF (Ultra-High Frequency): 300MHz-3000MHz 

 Satellite-IF : 950MHz-2150MHz 

 L Band : 1.53 - 2.70 GHz 

 S  Band : 2.50 - 2.70 GHz 

 C Band : 3.40 - 6.425GHz 

 X Band : 7.25 - 8.40 GHz 

 Ku Band : 10.95 - 14.50GHz 

 Ka Band : 17.7 - 21.2 GHz 

 K  Band : 27.5 - 31.0 GHz 

 Low Band of Ku band : 10.7GHz - 11.7GHz 
(Europe's LNB Local Oscillation Frequency : 9.75GHz)

 High Band of Ku band : 11.7GHz - 12.75GHz 
(Europe's LNB Local Oscillation Frequency : 10.6GHz)


 Insertion Loss 

 Literally the additional loss between source and load caused by
 inserting the device.
Insertion Loss = Dissipation Loss + Reflection Loss

 Return Loss 

This is the dB value of absolute reflection coefficient.
It is rather curious concept for transmission engineering.
This loss value becomes 0 for 100% reflection and becomes infinite for ideal connection.

 Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR)

This is the ratio of maxmum voltage to minimum voltage in standing wave pattern.
It varies from +1 to infinit.


 dB (decibel)

 NF (Noise Figure)

 CTB (Composite Triple Beat)

 CSO (Composite Second Order Beat)

 CMD (Cross Modulation Distortion)

 IMD (Inter-modulation Distortion)

 FCC (Federal Communication Commission)

 CE (European Community)

 EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

 EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)

 RFI (Radio Frequency Interference)


 CATV (Cable Television)

 MATV (Mutual Antenna Television)

 SMATV (Satellite Mutual Antenna Television)

 MMDS (Multi-point  Microwave Distribution System)

 BS (Broadcast Satellite)

 CS (Communication Satellite)

 DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite)

 DSS (Digital Satellite System)

 DiSEqC (Digital Satellite Equipment Control)

 LNA (Low Noise Amplifier)

 LNB, LNC (Low Noise Block Down-Converter)

 IRD / Set Top Box (Integrated Receiver Decoder)

 CCIR (Commit Consulatif International Radiocommunications)

 IRE (Institute of Radio Engineers)

 NTSC (National Television System Committee)

 PAL (Phase Alternating Lines)

 SECAM (Sequential Color with Memory)

 HDTV (High Definition Television)


 GPS (Global Position System)

 GSM (Global System for Mobile Communucation)

 ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)

 MPEG (Moving Picture Expert Group)


 SMT (Surface-Mounting Tehnology)

 SMD (Surface-Mounting Device)

 MMIC (Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit)

 GaAs (Gallium-Arsenide)




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