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  About Products
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  Filters    CATV, TV, DVB Products
We offer a complete range of filters such as Trap, Tier Trap, High Pass,
Low Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject, Window, Double Band, Triple Band and mini size series filters.  Other products include diplexer, attenuator, band attenuator,
equalizer, reverse equalizer, band equalizer, isolator, surge protector,
terminator, DVB amplifier, mini drop amplifier,...etc.

  Satellite-IF Diplexers    Satellite-IF Products
In this product line include attenuator, DC block, 22 kHz block, diplexer, filter,
in-line amplifier,...etc.

  DOCSIS Diplexer    DOCSIS Products
In this product line we offer a lot of diplexers that include Module type and
SMT type for application in cable modem, set-top box and Ethernet over Coax
  DOCSIS Diplexer    MoCA Products
In this MoCA product line we offer a lot of diplexers/triplexers that include
Module type and SMT type for application in MoCA devices.
And also offer MoCA POE filters and MoCA CTP products such as MoCA
splitter, amplifier, diplexer,...etc.
  RF Products    HP RF Products
In this High Performance RF product line include standard kit,
cable assemblies, adapter, connector, atenuator, manual attenuatr
terminator, impedance converter...etc.
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