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   75 Ohm Adapters
   F, N, BNC
   50 Ohm Adapters
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   Registered to ISO 9001
   Certificate TW12/11128


  50 Ohm 3.5mm Adapters 
3.5mm adapter 50 Ohm 26.5GHz 3.5mm Through Adapters  
 3.5mm Adapters
 34.5GHz, RL 24dB
 CN-34 series

 3.5mm Adapters
 26.5GHz, RL 26dB
 CN-26 series


  50 Ohm SMA Adapters 
50 ohm 26.5GHz SMA Through Adapter 18GHz SMA-female Through Adapter  
 26.5GHz, SMA-female
 18GHz    RL 26dB
 26.5GHz RL 24dB
 CN-26 series
 18GHz, RL 20dB
  50 ohm 18GHz SMA Through Adapter 50 ohm 18GHz SMA Through Adapter
 18GHz, RL 20dB
 18GHz, RL 20dB
  50 Ohm N Adapters 
11GHz 50 ohm N-male to SMA-female Adapter    
 N-male to SMA-female
 11GHz, RL 20dB


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