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Return Loss vs VSWR conversion


  Unit  Value  
  Return Loss  VSWR       
Input value and select unit then click the "convert" button.
Suggested value range:
Return Loss: 5 to 20 dB
VSWR: 3 to 1.2
RL = 20log((VSWR+1) / (VSWR-1))
VSWR = (1+(10^RL/20)) / ((10^RL/20)-1)
* RL = Return Loss

Return Loss :
This is the dB value of absolute reflection coefficient.
It is rather curious concept of transmission engineering.
This loss value becomes 0 for 100% reflection and becomes infinite for
an ideal connection.

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) :
This is the ratio of maxmum voltage to minimum voltage
in standing wave pattern.
It varies from +1 to infinite.

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