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CATV Isolators

* Class A++ RFI shielding

* 2.12 kV Voltage Withstanding

* Low Insertion Loss

* Excellent Return Loss

* Suitable for TV/ CATV, DOCSIS 3.1 /3.0

* Patented


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Class A+ CATV Isolator

IS17 is a all new deiigned, high RFI shielding isolator series with up to 2.12kV voltage withstanding capability.

The RFI shielding comply class A++ efficiency.

This RF isolator can be used to protect your indoor device such as DVR, Set-top Box, Cable Modem, TV,...etc. And also suitable for use in MoCA, TV, CATV, CCTV systems and testing applications.

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Model Frequency Range IN Connector OUT Connector
IS17 - 212 1218 MHz F-female F-male
IS17 - 212F 1218 MHz F-female F-female
IS17 - 215 1.5 GHz F-female F-male
IS17 - 215F 1.5 GHz F-female F-female
  General Specifications
  Item IS17 - 215F
  Impedance 75 Ohm
  Frequency Range 5 - 1500 MHz
   * Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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